Thursday, March 31, 2011

Announcing an announcement!

So I often wonder who actually reads my blogs...besides me, but I'll continue writing it every once in a while anyway, just in case there are some interested readers. 

I just announced on my facebook page that I will soon be announcing the start of the first annual Sparklies by Julie Mother's Day Giveaway contest.  LOL, I know...announcing a soon-to-be announcement but hey, it gives people a chance to get ready and participate, if they so choose, which I really hope lots will.  But get excited people, cause I know I am!  I've already come up with the rules and I'm in the process of creating the prize.  I will announce the beginning of the contest and its rules when I post a picture of what (I hope) everyone will be competing for.  I think it's an awesome prize but then again, that's just my opinion!  :)

And if you do read my blog...thank you.  :)  I hope you'll continue to do so. 

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