Monday, January 10, 2011

New blog to go with a new year!

Ok, so I finally gave in and started my own blog!  Catch up with Sparklies by Julie here for the latest news and the newest sparklies! 

My name is Julie Williams and welcome to my blog!  I'm a stay-at-home mom to a very energetic little guy, I'm married to a very supportive, wonderful man and we have a cute little dog named Stitch.  I grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii shortly after I got married.  One day my hubby bought me a lovely but very expensive set of beaded jewelry.  After studying it for a little bit, I decided that I could totally make something like it if I'd had the materials.  So after a couple hours spent in a craft store and a couple hundred dollars later in supplies, I had my new hobby!  I made jewelry for every gift giving holiday.  People liked my items so much that I decided to create Sparklies by Julie.

So far:  My family and I moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho after living in Hawaii for 3 years.  We're finally settled into our new home, where I finally have a workroom of my own!  I'm so excited and can't wait to get it all set up.  Of course it's in the basement...where it's COLD!

In jewelry news: I'm still creating lots of handmade jewelry and I'm going to start branching out in different jewelry making methods!  Check back often for pictures of new items! 

Here are some of my newest stuff: Click on the name of the item and it will take you to the shop page where you can purchase it!

PurRings • textured silver rings with a purple/white streaked glass drop.  Topped with a faceted glass round ~ $10.00
Jellybean Rings • Fun and flirty!  Multicolored glass beads in all shapes and sizes! This set includes a necklace (measures: approx. 26" unclasped), a bracelet (approx. 7.5") and earrings (approx. 2.5").  ~ $40.00

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