Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sparklies by Julie is now on Pinterest!

Of course, if you've been living under a rock..or don't use social media very often, you've probably never hear of, the newest social media network to take the world by storm.  It's a site that allows you to go through the web and "pin" all the things that interest you: recipes, art, blogs, jewelry...etc.  You then sort these items onto boards and share them with everyone.  It's like a giant scrapbook of your favorite things online.  Pinterest is getting really popular but so far only in the beta-testing stage.  The only way to join is by invite-only.  I was lucky enough to get an invite. :)  You can now follow me as I pin away at:  Yes, it is missing an "s,"  I was limited to a 15 character username. Lol!

So if you're interested in joining the Pinterest community, let me know and I'll send an invite your way.  Pinterest is also on facebook but I have heard that if you request an invite through them that you get put on a waiting list.  I'm not sure how quickly you will receive your invite if I invite you myself, but it might be a faster option.

Another new thing I've added is that you can now Pin any photo on my blog!  I've added a "PinIt" button on the bottom of every blog I post.  So if you see something you like and would like to share it (and please do!), just click the "PinIt" button and you'll get your choice of photos on the blog to pick from.

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope to see you in  Oh and as a final note, I'm still looking for two brides to give a special (BIGGER!) discount to when they place their bridal party jewelry order with me.  So remember, if you know a bride who is in the market for jewelry for her bridesmaids (or are the bride,) please have her contact me (here or on facebook) for more information! Who knows, she might even get you something for helping her check off "bridal party gifts" from her list of To-Do's! 

Visit my facebook page: for chances to win FREE sparklies in my random giveaways, a place to comment and chat, and facebook fan only discounts, and my store:
See something you like? Then Pin It! and share!

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