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Oh my, once again, I need to catch up on my blogging!  Whew, these last couple of weeks have been hectic!  First, my family and I went to Hawaii to attend our friends' wedding!  So much fun getting to see all our old friends again but OMG, so much work traveling with a toddler!  Seriously, to all the mothers out there who do it with more than one little one, MUCH PROPS out to you!  I have no idea how you do it.  Caleb kept us pretty busy the whole 9 days we were there!!

Then coming is nice to be back home.  Who knew we'd need R & R after a trip to a tropical paradise!  But there's no rest for SAHMs, it was back to the grind, doing loads of laundry, trying to get my baby back on Idaho time and back into his routine (P.S.  Have I mentioned we've kinda started potty training?  Oh what a joy that is!), and of course...fulfilling orders and making more SPARKLIES!!! 

Upon getting home I was excited to see that a couple of jewelry supply orders I'd made had finally come in.  One was another metal design stamp (told you I was addicted!), another was the Opal Chalcedonies that I'd ordered back on May 26th (hoo-wee, do I have a story about that order) and lastly, my gorgeous, AAA grade coin pearls!!  Yay!  Or at least yay, till I examined the opal chalcedonies and found out that some of the briolettes were cracked (more on that story later).

As the title suggests, I have gone pearl crazy!  I purchased two strands of the prettiest, high grade coin pearls and I have been making lots of sparklies with them.  Take a look!

Solitaire • A solitary, lush, AAA grade coin pearl hangs on a sterling silver cable chain.

FOUR PIECE Bridal Set - Solitaire • A gorgeous four piece set!  Perfect for your bridal party.

Custom Initial Charm & Pearl • A luminous AAA grade coin pearl paired up with a sterling silver disc charm, handstamped with an initial of your choice (shown here with a 'J').

FOUR PIECE Bridal Set - Custom Initial & Pearl • The perfect way to give the timeless gift of pearls and sterling silver with a personalized touch.

Perfect • A luminous AAA grade coin pearl on all sterling silver components.  A must have accessory for a timeless, chic look.
So here is my story with the damaged Opal Chalcedony briolettes I received and it's all true!

When I found the broken briolettes, it was back to my computer to try and get a hold of the seller on  S/he was really good at replying to me that same day.  They asked what I meant by 'cracked' and 'what beads did I order [and] that maybe they sent me the wrong strand?'.  They also asked to see pictures of the damaged beads, so I busted out my camera, took some shots, replied with 'I ordered so-n-so, and isn't it [their] responsibility to make sure I got the right order?',and sent them off.  It took them another 3 days to get back to me, and that was after I'd messaged them again asking for a reply.  They replied with ' oh, it's only 6 beads, that's not as bad as you made it sound. Do [I] want to send them back for a refund?  Or do [I] want 20% off [my] next purchase.'  Really?!  It's not that bad?  I think it'd be up the paying customer to decide that, right?  Anyways, so I wrote back saying I would rather get an exchange for a new strand.  They replied with and seriously this is what they wrote: "No, new strand..because all are beads strands have some chips,broken pieces."  HOLY COW!!  I couldn't believe they'd actually write that to a customer!  That all their strands come with broken beads?!  REALLY?!  Then they offered me the 20% discount again.  LOLOL, I just couldn't believe it.  First they tell me that all their strands come with broken beads so why would I ever purchase from them again?  Secondly, they were already offering 20% discounts on all purchases to all how is that suppose to be special for me?  It would make more sense if they'd offered a bigger discount then the one offered to the general public...but anyways, I digress.  I wrote back saying I would prefer a partial refund then so I don't have to take a hit on the damaged beads and asked why they wouldn't offer me an exchange when it's written in their shop policies that if a customer is not completely satisfied, the customer has a choice of a refund, and exchange or store credit...It took them another day (today) to answer (once again after I had to write them again, this time quoting their own policy).  The seller has agreed to offered me a partial refund because s/he says it's too expensive to send me out another strand if I do an exchange (then why offer exchanges in their policy?).  So right now, I'm waiting to see how much they think is fair to refund...Oh, by the way, did I mention that the stones were shipped from India supposedly but the return address on the package I received is from New Hampshire?  Why wouldn't they ship directly to me?  It would have saved me time and them money.

After dealing with this store and seller, I am seriously wondering how on earth they have so many positive feedback from customers praising the stones?  I must conclude that 1: Not all their strands have broken or chipped pieces, and 2: they are just being lazy about taking my complaint seriously and hoping I'd just go away.  LOL!

Ok well, enough for now.  Again, thanks for reading my blog!  And don't forget to keep checking my facebook page and my shop for more new items as I get them posted!  Click here to visit my facebook page: and my store:  Have a great Fourth of July weekend!


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